There is less than a month until our VW van trip where we will be touring the US and Canada. Our family is so excited and we really cannot believe that we have pulled the money together for the trip. If you want to learn how we managed to come up with the money then make sure to check out the post “Finding the Money for a Family Van life Trip“. Anyways the trip is a go and there are little details that keep coming up. From making sure we have enough storage for the 4 of us to ensuring we have enough water if we are free camping.  I am slightly embarrassed to say this but we have owned our VW van Dusty for 3 years. Up until a few weeks ago we had no idea how  and if we could still fill up our VW Van water tank.

It all stated when I was sitting at home with the kids. I started to think about  bedtime on the road in Dusty.  I thought about how nice it would be to  brush our teeth and wash up at bedtime in the van. Then, I thought of the sweet cozy evenings in the fall and being able to stay inside just a little longer on brisk mornings to get ready for our day. If only we could figure out how to fill up our water tank!

Well I hopped on google and nothing really came up. I was pretty sure I knew where the hose was supposed to go but was looking for both a water tank and a waste water tank. After some more digging I found out that the ’93 VW Eurovan  does not have a waste water tank.  The waste water literally dumps right out of the sink. The information all felt really scattered.  In the end I figured out how to fill up the water tank. It actually was not that bad but I don’t want others with these only vehicles to go through the same hesitations.  So, I decided to create a video of me and the girls filling up our waste water tank. Note that our van is a 1993 VW Eurovan.

We Have Water! Filling up a VW Van water tank (Video)




By Annika Mang
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