When the weather starts to warm up and spring is in the air, I also am reminded that my two kids will be having their birthdays. Our family does not give presents during the year but we love giving presents at birthdays. We try to be really thoughtful about the gift so that they will enjoy it for a while. Often, they look back at presents and say “I got this for my 3rd birthday”. I love that they remember because it means they really appreciate what they are receiving. My favourite part is trying to find and discover gifts that will encourage our children to adventure and explore more. These outdoor gifts for kids are some of our favourite!

If your looking for other gifts then make sure to check out our other gift guides listed below!

Outdoor Gifts for Kids that Inspire Adventure

Full Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means that I make a little bit of money to go towards family pizza night!

Splurge on a Custom Skateboard from Skate XS

These sustainably made bamboo skateboards by Skate XS are designed for kids with the same specs of a professional adult board. Select one of their beautiful designs and opt to customize it by putting your child’s name on the board. Each skateboard is made to last and look great on the wall when your child is not using them. Skate XS boards start at $105.95 USD. Learn more about them here.

Stay Practical with the Sunday Afternoons Play Hat

I absolutely love when I can add in a practical gift that my child already needs. They get excited for “one more present”. The Sunday Afternoons Play Hat offers full coverage for those hot sunny days. The Play Hat starts at $26.00 USD and $36.00 CAD. Buy the play hat here.

Explore more with an Adventure Kit

Our oldest daughter was given the Great Adventure Kit by Seedling for her birthday a few years ago. Unfortunately that kit does not seem to be available anymore. That adventure kit has come along camping, hiking and exploring in the woods. She absolutely loves it so it was only natural that our youngest daughter would want one too. Our youngest daughter received the Kid’s Leather Satchel bag and Adventure log from Wild Things Adventures. Add in a pencil, compass and binoculars and you have a really great adventure kit!

Adventure Books for Outdoor Kids

Books are always such a great way to inspire kids to adventure. Some of our favourite adventure books are Hopper and Wilson by Marie Van Leishout, The Night Gardener by the Fan Brothers, and the The Darkest Dark by Chris Hadfield. Our kids aged 4 and 5 are also really into the Adventure Princesses series by Paula Harrison and we have also really enjoyed the Heartwood Hotel Series by Disney-Hyperion.

Inspire Adventure at Home with Art

There are so many artists that inspire the outdoors. I seriously spend way too much time scrolling Instagram just scrolling through beautiful pieces of artwork. While an original piece may not be in your budget, a print is a very good option. Our kids love when they get a print of art that is their very own. Some artists that I am currently crushing on include Caitlin Ambery Art, Wolf and Bear, Drawn to High Places, Drawn to Sketching, and Entheos Design Co out of Moose Jaw.

Have Fun with Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies are incredibly fun while hiking, camping or even at home. The conversations can be hilarious. It can be challenging teaching a 4 year old how to properly hold the buttons while they talk and let go when they want to listen. They can figure it out though and it is a lot of fun! Try not to buy “kids walkie talkies”. They often do not work as well. Buy a set of two walkie talkies for $53.00 CAD or $39.99 USD here.

Light it Up with Gear that Works

We are big on practical gifts but also like our kids to have some fun. Headlamps are great because kids really do love using them while camping and at home. I find that many headlamps for kids do not work very well. My husband and I have the Biolite Headlamps and they actually also work great for our kids. They are rechargeable and can light up a whole room. By investing in a “real” headlamp, your kids will be able to use it for many years to come. Buy the Biolite Headlamp for $59.99 CAD or $49.99 USD here.

Catch some Fish with a Kids Fishing Rod

Does your family love to fish? Invest in a rod for your kids. The Plusinno fishing set comes with a fishing rod, light weight fishing reel and a fishing lure set. Find it starting at $34.99 here.

Improve your Balance with a Slackline

Slacklines improve core muscles and work on balance. They are also a whole lot of fun. Our whole family including our two little kids, love using our slackline. Our family used the Tiny Big Adventure Slackline which is currently no longer available. Look for a slackline that comes with tree protectors and an extra line that can be attached over the slackline for additional help while balancing. Check out these slackline kits for kids.

Play Spike Ball as a Family

One of our favourite summer games is to play spikeball with the kids! Ok, my husband and I also love playing this game against each other and with friends. It is seriously addicting and one of the best backyard/beach games. Purchase the Spikeball kit fo $79.99 CAD or $64.99 USD here.

Swing through the Air on a Yard Swing

Do you have children that love to swing? Large yard swings are a ton of fun and can usually hold a couple of small children. These swings are perfect for those backyards with large trees. Buy a yard swing here starting at $57.00 CAD and $48.99 USD here.

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