The other day I ran into this problem with my almost five year old. I would make an activity suggestion and then she would say that she would not want to do that activity. All she kept saying was that she was bored. Then we basically repeated this scenario 100 times.

It was exhausting.

Eventually, I told her that she would have to try whatever activity I said next. I don’t know what I was thinking because that did not work. Thankfully this all led to another idea.

The Activity Jar!

The Idea Jar is something that I used to have as a teacher and then also when I worked as a camp instructor. It is not a new idea but an idea that is new to my girls.

Altogether, the girls and I came up with a bunch of ideas.

We then wrote them on a piece of paper and placed them into a jar. The deal was that if either of the girls ended up being bored, they would pick an activity from the jar, and then try to do the activity for at least 20 to 30 minutes. There was to be no complaining or saying that they were bored.

Thankfully the Activity Jar was well received and is going strong.

Then, I started thinking that maybe we should also come up with a Chore Jar where they have to pick out a chore once a day to complete. I have this feeling of excitement that it might work out and the house might become a little bit cleaner. I’ll let you know if I do the Chore Jar and make sure you get a copy 😉

Well, I brainstormed a ton of ideas and have 75 Activity Jar Ideas. Download the printable and cut out the activities or make up your own activities to put in your own jar with your kids.

And… a few of these ideas are up on the website like the pinecone flowers and some fun indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts! If you need more activities then I also have a few activity calendars that are fun for kids to follow each day!

Activities for Kids

Want a larger craft idea? Check out the Fairy Garden, Dinosaur Garden, and Troll Garden Craft here!

annika mang
By Annika Mang
Activity Jar
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