One of our favourite “lazy day” activities to do with the kids is to set up our slackline in a park or in our yard. We all like to take turns walking across and doing “tricks”. It is just one of those activities that you can jump on occasionally between hanging out on a blanket. Slacklining is truly a great way to enjoy the day outside.

Important information about slacklining.

  • When you are slacklining, it is important to use tree protectors because the slackline can actually damage the tree.
  • In some cities and towns, it is actually illegal to attach a slackline to a tree in the park. For example, you are not allowed to attach a slackline in Calgary, Alberta. Instead, you have to visit a park that has a special area set up to set up your slackline. Find the slacklining areas in Calgary here.
  • You can also try your hand at making a slackline stand. There are DIY tutorials and videos. If you end up making one then let me know!

There are different types of slacklines.

Slacklines come in different sizes and they also vary in the amount that they stretch. Some slacklines offer more safety features than other models and include different accessories like tree protectors and a top training line. There is also the option of buying a slackline stand so that you do not need any trees.

Putting it Together

There are two things that will make your life easier when setting up the slackline. Think of it as the things that I wish I would have known before setting our slackline up for the first time.

We have made the mistake a couple of times where we have put the slackline in the wrong way. It makes it really hard to get the rest of the slackline out of the rachet.

To avoid our mistakes, make sure to read the directions carefully and only add a little bit of the slackline through the rachet to start.

Then, practice releasing the slackline to make sure it will release. If it does easily release then you set it up correctly. If it does not release then it is in the rachet incorrectly. Thankfully, it will not be hard to remove the slackline fabric since you haven’t already tightened it completely.

Set the slackline up so that it is positioned low to the ground.

Setting up the slackline close to the ground (about 2 feet) means that kids can easily get on and off themselves. Also, the distance to the ground will not be as far when you fall off the line.

Buying a Slackline for Kids

Slacklining is a great activity for kids and ours started at age two and three years old. At the younger ages, they needed more assistance, but now at age four and six-years-old, they are able to slackline all by themselves using a top training line.

Here is what you want to consider when buying a slackline for your kids.

  • Slackline is 2-inches wide.
  • Slackline is at least 50 Ft long.
  • Slackline can hold at least 300 lbs.
  • Safety Rachet. Make sure you have a single lever and lock rachet that has an easy release system. Having a Rachet protector is also nice to protect the feet while walking across.
  • Low Stretch Webbing. Low stretch webbing means that it will be easies to balance and not be as bouncy.
  • Make sure there are tree protectors. Tree protectors protect the trees from being damaged. They spread the pressure of the slackline and help prevent damage to the bark on the tree.
  • Top training line with a rachet is nice to have. The top training line attaches from tree to tree over the top of your head over the slackline. Then, a secondary rope goes over so that you have something to hold onto while making your way across the rope. This still develops balance but allows kids to have more success at the beginning.
  • Slackline Stand (optional)
Best Slacklines for Kids

Gibbon Slackline Funline – $116 CAD

What we love:

  • 2 inches wide
  • 49 ft slackline with 8 fit rachet line.
  • 240 lbs max weight
  • Comes with a rachet over
  • Comes with tree protectors
  • TÜV certified for maximum safety
  • The printing on the slackline gives some added grip for first time slackers.
  • Free Prime Delivery

What it’s missing:

  • The top training line to help kid’s balance

Final Breakdown:

Unfortunately, this slackline is missing the top training line but Gibbons is a well-known name in the slackline industry. The set comes with tree protectors and a rachet cover which adds additional safety to the set.

Slackers 50′ Slackline Classic Set – $79.99 CAD

What we love:

  • 2-inches wide
  • 50-foot slackline
  • 363 kg max weight
  • Comes with a rachet cover
  • Comes with top training line that tightens with a rachet to help kids balance
  • The standard stretch webbing which means it is a little bouncier.

What it’s missing:

  • Tree Protectors
  • Rachet Cover
  • Cheap delivery options. Unfortunately, the delivery on amazon is $80.

Final Breakdown:

This model does not come with tree protectors which means families would have to buy them separately here. Although this slackline is made for beginners, it does have a little more bounce than some other beginner lines that would make it more challenging. However, the overhead line with a rachet to keep it tight that is included would help kid’s balance on the line.

Slackline Industries Baseline Slackline – $90 CAD

What we love:

  • 2-inches wide
  • 50-foot true length
  • 300 lbs max weight
  • Comes with tree protectors
  • Low stretch webbing
  • Shipping is only $14 Canadian.

What it’s missing:

  • The top training line to help kids balance
  • Rachet Cover

Final Breakdown:

If your kids are older and do not need the overhead line then this is a slightly more affordable option than the playline.

Slackline Industries also has created a slackline called the Playline that comes with a top training line. Unfortunately, the top training line does not come with rachets and so it does not work as well as ones with a rachet. You could try to attach your own rachet system or finding a way to tighten that top line so that it works properly.

Need some more ideas for your kids? Try creating an activity jar or doing one of these outdoor scavenger hunts!

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Best Slacklines for Kids
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