Troll Falls hike is a great trail for most abilities to a tumbling waterfall located in the stunning Kananaskis Country. Please no longer hide trolls along this family-friendly trail. Once I do a reprint of my hiking book I will also change this as well but will have to wait until then!

Troll Falls

Insider Tip for Families

The falls are just as spectacular in the winter, making it an ideal all-season hike for families.

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 3.4 km (2.1 mi) out and back
Elevation: 35 m (114 ft)
Highlights: Waterfall, Mountain Views,
Facilities: Nearest facilities located in Kananaskis Village.
Optional Gear: All-Terrain Stroller, Carrier, Balance Bike, Bike, Snowshoe, Cross Country Skiing,
Difficulty: Moderate.

Getting There

From Trans Canada Highway AB-1 W take the 118 exit and turn onto Kananaskis Trail Highway AB-40 S towards Kananaskis. Drive on the Kananaskis Trail Highway AB-40 S for 23 km then turn right on Mt. Allan Drive towards Kananaskis Village. Follow the Troll Falls Day Use Area sign and take the first right into the parking lot just past the small bridge.


The Troll Falls trailhead starts on the left side in the trees about 10 steps from the parking lot.

Trail Experience

Most of the Troll Falls trail is a wide and hard-packed trail, making it accessible for all-terrain strollers. At the first junction, follow the sign pointing to the Troll Falls Trail and turn right. After heading up most of the incline, enjoy the gorgeous view of the adjacent mountains at the halfway mark.

Troll Falls

After 1.2 km, follow the Troll Falls sign onto the single-track trail leading through the trees to the waterfall. As you approach, the sound of the waterfall will grow louder and soon you will feel the spray of the water. Enjoy exploring around the falls but use caution as it can be slippery. Some older children and adults with sure footing might like to continue exploring some of the upper falls. Return the way you came.

Troll Falls

Nearby Attractions

Enjoy a post-hike treat at the ice cream shop or one of the restaurants at Kananaskis Village, just a seven-minute drive from the Troll Falls trailhead. Take Mt. Allan Drive towards Kananaskis Trail Highway AB-40 S and turn right onto Centennial Drive to reach your destination.

Alternatively, drive to Mt. Lorette Ponds day use area to enjoy a picnic and another short family friendly hike!

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annika mang
By Annika Mang

Troll Falls, Alberta
Troll Falls, Alberta
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2 thoughts on “Troll Falls Hike, Kananaskis, Alberta”

  1. Can you please stop highlighting that it is somehow super-cute to look for the troll dolls at troll falls.! This is littering and absolutely not ok. We should be teaching kids to leave no trace. If you have to bring a troll doll, take your picture then take it back home. Enjoy the hike

    1. Hi BF! Thank you for your comment and I will change this in light of the newest CBC post. It is actually interesting because in the past I have heardthat AB parks have gone back and forth between whether they should allow them or not. I hope they also plan to get rid of all the caches as well as those too are littering the wild.

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