Some people do not feel that it is possible to go camping with a baby.

Not only is it possible, but it can be a great way to bond together as a family.

Also, babies can sleep better in the outdoors and certain individuals believe that it is even is good for their health.

Start planning that camping trip and use one of these quality baby camping bed options to keep everyone comfortable.

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Our favourite options are Slumber Pod found here that goes over a play pen, bassinet, or moses basket. Use the code “BTBA20” for $20 off.

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These are the best baby and toddler sleeping bags for camping. Use code “BTBA” for 10% off.

For our full review on the sleeping bags check out our Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bag Review.

Best Camping Beds for Babies

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Baby camping beds

Questions to ask yourself before purchasing a bed for camping

Do I want to co-sleep?

Yes! There are baby travel bed options for parents that want to co-sleep with their baby that help keep your little one safe.

What age is my baby?

The age of the baby makes a difference. Newborns do not need a ton of space and there may be something at home you could use as a bed while camping without spending extra money. Yes, newborns can go camping.

Older babies that are older need more room and space to roll.

Do I need a portable bed for other traveling adventures?

If you want to purchase a baby bed just for camping then there are some really great pop up/tent options that provide a little bit of coverage from the sun.

If you need a bed for other traveling adventures like spending the night at the grandparents or a hotel, then you may want to think about another type of camping bed for your baby.

Best Newborn Camping Beds

Best Newborn Camping Beds

Newborn specific camping beds are not essential since they typically grow out of them by the age of five months.

However, it can be nice to have a cozy little bed for your little one.

Our family has used a few different beds while camping with a newborn. Before we would place our babies in their beds we would swaddle them. In the outdoor, swaddling them in a fabric made of merino wool is ideal.

Slumber Pod

The Slumber Pod is a black out solution that can be used at home, while traveling, or on camping trips!

What is to Love?

The Slumber Pod completely blocks out all the light which means that you just might be able to put your baby and toddler to bed a little earlier and the morning 5:00 am light will not wake them up!

The Slumber Pod is also portable and can compact down to a small size.

It is also great for travel! Imagine not having to have the lights completely off while in hotel room while traveling.

What is not to Love?

The tent is quite large so a bigger tent would be essential to use the Slumber Pod. The Slumber Pod is not a single solution.

In addition to the slumber pod, you would need to also have a cot, play pen, or some other sort of sleeping arrangement inside the pod.

Buy the Slumber Pod here and use the code “BTBA20” for $20 off!.

The Kilofly Instant Pop Up Baby Travel Bed

The Kilofly is a compact newborn baby bed. The bed folds down into a small disc and pops out when it is ready to be used. There is a padded mat that attached from the outside.

What is to love

The Kilofly iscompact and portable. It also has UPF 35+ which means that it would also double as a breathable beach cover as well. To help it stay secure to the ground it comes with two pegs.

What is not to love

The Kilofly can be a challenge to put away. It does become easier with practice so try folding it at home a few times first. The bed also only lasts until the baby is about five months old.

Buy the Kilofly here.

SwaddleMe by your side sleeper

The SwaddleMe by your side sleeper is a portable cosleeping bassinet for babies that can be used at home or while traveling and camping. The sides bend down allowing you to sneak a hand in to cuddle your newborn.

What is to love

The SwaddleMe can be used at home and on the go. It is the ideal option for those families wanting to co-sleep without worrying about rolling onto their new baby. It folds flat for easy travel.

What is not to love

You might not be able to have two adults sleeping in the bed while using the SwaddleMe. To ideally sleep two adults and the SwaddleMe it is ideal to have a King bed.

Buy the SwaddleMe here.

A Moses Bassinet

A Moses bassinet that is used at home can also come along to the grandparents’ house or on camping adventures!

To save on space, pack items inside the basket while traveling.

We used a Moses bassinet with our oldest daughter when we went camping when she was six weeks old.

We did not have one with our next baby but instead used a laundry basket when we took her camping at three weeks old.

If you choose to try the laundry basket then do so at your own risk.

What is to love

Moses bassinets are cute and chic! We loved the look of them and they are extremely portable.

What is not to love

Moses bassinets may be portable but they are not compact.

You can get around that by packing goods inside the bassinet.

The bassinet can only be used for a few months up until the baby starts to roll or is too big.

Buy the Tadpole Lined Stitched Bassinet here.

Best Baby Camping Beds

Best Baby Camping Beds

Babies can only stay in newborn beds for a few months before they grow too big.

Although you can simply skip the newborn camp beds and move straight to a baby camp bed, the baby camp bed will feel quite large.

Sometimes, saving money on all the baby gear is necessary.

Phil & Ted’s Travel Crib

The Phil & Ted’s travel crib is a slightly smaller, more compact playpen than typical playpens on the market.

The easy to fold down side allows you to snuggle with your little one if needed but also allows everyone to have a little bit of space whether in a tent or a camper.

They also offer a bigger play space while traveling with a baby.

What is to love

The drop-down on the side of the Phil & Ted’s travel crib is a nice to have feature.

This means you don’t need to stand up every time you want to help your little one out of the bed.

It also means that if you need to breastfeed your baby back to sleep then you can simply breastfeed them on the side without removing them from the playpen.

What is not to love

It is not as sturdy as regular travel playpens.

There is a chance that the Phil & Ted’s travel crib could tip over as the baby grows and is able to stand up and push against the sides.

Buy the Phil & Ted’s Travel Crib here.

The KidCo Peapod

The KidCo Peapod is a pop-up sleep tent for babies!

It comes in an infant size for babies ages one to three and plus size for kids up to five years of age.

It easily pops up and folds down to a circular 16-inch bag that is three inches wide.

The sleeping pad is removable for easy cleaning and the outer material has UV protection. Little ones will have fun sleeping in a tent within another tent!

What is to love

The KidCo Peapod is so easy to set up. It literally just pops up and a baby can sleep. If only it were that easy with kids, right?

What is not to love

Putting the Peapod away into the carrying bag can be a challenge. Practicing at home will help.

Buy the KidCo Peapod here.

Ready to go camping with a baby? Check out these 10 Tips for Camping with a Newborn.

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