Well, my five year old daughter’s feet must have grown a couple of sizes because her feet are now almost as big as her older sister!

Thankfully, I found a used pair of Sorel’s that were given to us from their older cousins. They fit her feet and I was able to drop them off at school with a minute to spare!

Chasing around for winter shoes reminded me that I have never written a post on winter boots for kids! I have covered the best mittens for kids and snowboarding gear for toddlers but never kids snow boots.

Full Disclosure: All opinions in this post are my own. This post contains affiliate links to which I make a few cents if you choose to purchase. If you do then a bit THANK YOU for supporting my families Friday night pizza fund 🙂

Best Baby Snow Boots and Toddler Snow Boots

For little newborns and babies out exploring the winter world before being able to walk, choosing a warm bunting suit that covers the feet is a good option. When it was really cold, our babies would wear the knit Padraig Baby Boots underneath the bunting suit and warm wool socks if necessary over their onesie.

Some new winter boots for babies and toddlers have hit the market and are worth considering especially if they are getting closer to walking. Both my girls started walking at nine and 10 months old. Bulky snow boots were not an option because they simply were too heavy.

These snow boots are great for babies and toddlers learning to walk that need something less bulky and heavy.

The Stonz Winter Puffer Booties

Designed in Canada, the Stonz Winter Puffer Booties are Stonz’s newest and warmest boot for babies and toddlers.

Best for

Babies in carriers, new walkers, and young toddlers.

The boot is great for cold days with the 3M insulation. To make them warmer, purchase the additional warm fleece insert.

They are also built to STAY ON!

The boot can go overtop of bare feet, socks, slippers, or even shoes which can add extra warmth.

Things to Know

They mention that they are waterproof but the material says that they are only water resistant. Because of this, they are really only water resistant and on really wet days will they will soak through.

There is little tread and so slipping can be an issue if your little one is starting to really cruise outdoors.


$56.99 CAD or $43.99 USD

Purchase the Stonz Winter Puffer Booties for here.

The Stonz Winter Boot

The Stonz Winter Boot has been a go to for many families over the years. Seriously though, in every outdoor Facebook group I am part of they are almost always mentioned. While it is nice to see the addition of the Puffer, it is great that families can still opt for the old favourite.

Best for

Babies in carriers, new walkers, and young toddlers.

They are cold resistant and wind resistant with a 600D nylon upper with fleece lining and rubberized non-slip soles. Just like the Puffer, you can wear them barefoot, with shoes, slippers, or socks. We liked using the Padraig Cottage slippers under ours!

They stay on and are easy for kids to walk in. They are also machine washable!

What you should know

It is really helpful to add in the liner for extra warmth which is unfortunately an additional charge. Without the liner, they are really just a shell and would not be warm enough without some big slippers underneath.

There is little tread and so slipping can be an issue if they are walking a lot outdoors.


Starting at 38.99 CAD

Purchase the Stonz Winter Boot here.

Best Kids Snow Boots

Having a warm, waterproof but still agile snow boot for kids is important to ensure hours of fun outside even in -25 C weather. These boots offer a few different options depending on your budget and child’s preferences. Note that not all of these boots are completely waterproof.

Sorel Kid’s Winter Boots

The Sorel Toddler Boot and the Sorel Youth Flurry Boot are worth mentioning and are a quality, warm, winter boot. They are also slightly more affordable than some of the other bigger kid options. They sometimes are easier to find at used stores because they are more readily available.

Best for

The Toddler Boot is a warm boot for littler kids and a good option for more solid walkers. The base of the boot provides protection and is waterproof. It also has fleece lining for extra protection and is rated for -32C.

The Sorel Youth Flurry Boot is a warm boot for older youth. It has a removable felt liner which can be taken out to dry if snow comes in the top or wet seeps through the upper.

What you should know

The upper part on both of these boots is not waterproof and on really wet days (I mean big rainy winter puddle days) can cause the legs to get wet. For example, when my daughter walked through a big puddle during the winter/spring season her foot was completely soaked. My other daughter that was wearing the Bogs was find.

However, some people say that the Sorel’s are warmer than the Bogs. I have not noticed a difference with my kids but I thought it was worth mentioning.


The Toddler boot starts at $64.99 CAD and $49.52 USD.

The Sorel Youth Flurry Boot starts at $52.42 CAD and 39.94 USD.

Purchase the Toddler Boot here

Purchase the Sorel Youth Flurry Boot here.

Stonz Trek Kid’s Winter Boots

The Stonz Kid’s Winter Boots are light weight. In fact, they are lighter than a cell phone, and offer a more robust sole than the Stonz baby/toddler boots.

Best for

The Stonz Kid’s Winter Boots are really warm and rated to -50C. The fit is easily adjusted in three different ways to provide a snug fit and the lightweight materials make it easier for kids to walk and run with ease.

The boots are 100% waterproof and Stonz is a Canadian Company.

The price of the boots is mid-ranged and just slightly more expensive than the Sorel Boots.

What you should know

The boots are easy enough to pull on but a handle would make it easier.


Starting at $79.95 CAD and $60.95 USD.

Purchase the Stonz Kid’s Winter Boots.


Bog winter boots are rated to –30C and are completely waterproof. Even the upper part of the boot is waterproof keeping toes toasty warm on those cold days.

They are a quality boot that lasts. We were gifted a hand me down pair from my nephew for my oldest daughter. She has never complained of cold feet and we leave in a place where the temperature can dip to -50 C! I was really hoping she would fit the next size up this year so that my youngest could wear them. Unfortunately that is not going to happen as they are now pretty much the same size.

Best for

They are heavier boots and best for kids four years old and up.

The boots are great for the -30C winter days but also double as a quality rain boot without getting too warm.

If you live somewhere where winter is a mix of rain and snow then Bog’s are a great option.

They are easy to get on because of the handles on each side of the boot and they cover most of the leg which keeps snow out. This is especially helpful for kids that struggle to put the pant leg over the boot themselves before going outside at school.

What you should know

The boots are expensive. There is no fleece lining and on the cold days a nice warm wool sock is recommended.


Starting at $99.99 CAD and $76.00 USD

Purchase the Bog Winter Boots here.

Kids Snow Boots
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