It is week three of giveaways promoting book “Hikes for Families: A Guide to the Canadian Rockies” that launched last June 2020. Last weeks giveaway winner ends tonight and will be contacted this week !

Just a quick recap. I am celebrating the launch of my hiking guide for families since I never felt like I truly had a proper launch or tour with everyone going on. This series of giveaways is kind of like a virtual book launch and tour.

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Hiking Guide for Families

Giveaway Details

This week I have partnered with four other authors to giveaway my book and one of their books! The winner will receive a total of five books!

Read more about the book line up or skip ahead to the giveaway here.

The Traveling Child Goes

by Monet Hambrick

The Traveling Child Goes to is a series based on two traveling sisters Jordyn and Kennedy. This series highlights the activities they did on each trip which will educate your child on the city or country as well as give you ideas for a vacation you may be planning to that destination.

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There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather

by Linda McGurk

“Bringing Up Bébé meets Last Child in the Woods in this lively, insightful memoir about a mother who sets out to discover if the nature-centric parenting philosophy of her native Scandinavia holds the key to healthier, happier lives for her American children.

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather is a wonderful partner to parents looking to outdoor parent or are curious of the benefits of taking babies and kids outdoors. She takes a look at the evidence based encouragement to families that are looking to outdoor parent.

Camping Activity Book

by Amelia Mayer

Get ready for adventure in the great outdoors! There’s so much to see and do when you’re out camping or hiking― even in your own backyard. Encourage kids to explore the world around them and learn important wilderness skills with this activity book. It’s full of projects and ideas to spark a love of nature and help kids have tons of fun outdoors.

Kids will learn to tackle survival challenges like building a shelter, making a compass, and tying a bowline knot. They can get creative with fun outdoor projects like designing a treasure hunt, crafting a walking stick, and making a sundial. They’ll need an adult’s help for some of the activities but can also do many on their own. Sized perfectly for a kid’s backpack, this is everything camping books for kids should be.

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