There is more to Cypress Hills Saskatchewan than the forested hills, the unique hiking trails to the conglomerate cliffs, and the sandy beaches.  Only 20 minutes North from Cypress Hills Saskatchewan Centre Block is a place to enjoy the day connecting as a family, Grotto Gardens Family Fun Farm.

Guide to Grotto Gardens Family Fun Farm Near Cypress Hills Saskatchewan

Grotto Garden’s Family Fun Farm boasts multiple activities, and you really can spend a full day at the farm!

Please note that it is important to book some of these activities ahead of time online as they can fill up quite quickly.

Grotto Gardens Family Fun Farm

Disclaimer: This post was done in partnership with Grotto Gardens Family Fun Farm and there are affiliates in the post. All views are 100% my own and our families experience at the farm.

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About Grotto Gardens

Getting there

Goats on the Roof

Walk the Farm

Goat Yoga

Interactive Train Ride

Alpaca Walk

Lil’ Farmers

Store, Restaurant, and Bakery

Things to Pack

Activity and Cost Summary

About Grotto Gardens

Grotto Gardens is more than a farm.

In 2016, the founder’s, Dana Hassett and Dan Sellinger, dream to build a place where families can connect through animal therapy and nature finally came to life. The name Grotto Gardens was chosen to honor their son who passed away from cancer at the age of 14 years old. It is visible that the family has poured their hearts into creating a unique space for families in honour of their son.

The whole experience at Grotto Gardens Family Fun Farm was built on family for families. They have created a joyful experience that is affordable for families. There are activity options for all budgets.

Getting to Grotto Gardens in Cypress Hills Provincial Park

Grotto Garden Maple Creek

Grotto Gardens is located on Highway SK-21 S in southwest Saskatchewan on the edge of the Town of Maple Creek. The family fun farm is also only a 20 minute drive from Cypress Hills Saskatchewan Provincial Park Centre Block.

*Use caution when using google maps to drive from the area to Cypress Hills Centre Block or the West Block as google has been known to take visitors in the wrong direction.

Goats on the Roof

Cypress Hills Saskatchewan

The goats are a highlight at the farm, and they can be viewed by donation. Our kids loved feeding the goats and spent hours interacting with them. One highlight was sending food up the “elevator” to the roof of the barn to feed the goats that climbed the stairs onto the roof. It was so easy living in the moment as we enjoyed watching them hop up and down the stairs and even sometimes jumping over one of the other goats. 

Cost: Feeding the goats costs .25 cents for a handful of feed or go into the shop and pay $2.00 for a small package of feed.

Walk the Farm

Grotto Gardens

Our kids have energy.

Can you relate?

As a family, we walked throughout the main area of the farm and were able to see the goats, alpacas, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and peacocks! We even crossed over a small bridge to the female alpacas that were soon ready to give birth.

The grounds are gorgeous and new flowers and blooms are constantly being added to the front of the store and restaurant. As you walk through the grounds, you may come across a grotto. A grotto is a stone structure that contains beautiful things and part of the origin for the name Grotto Gardens. The concrete and stone grotto was created in memory of their son and contains his ashes. You are welcome to visit and look at it anytime.

Cost: By Donation

Goat Yoga

A few years ago, Grotto Gardens became famous for their goat yoga. I distinctly remember seeing a video highlighting the activity and knowing that I would love it. Well, I had a chance to check out their goat yoga with certified yoga instructor Loo Ellen.

The class is for everyone, and the instructors will modify moves to fit your ability as needed. LooEllen specifically focuses on lengthening the hip flexors, strengthening the core, and relaxing the hips and shoulders in her classes.

The class started by making sure I was comfortable around the goats. I was able to feed them and interact a bit with them. She also talked about the benefits of animal therapy and the disconnect that people often have from animals. 

And… let me know you, Goat and Yoga mix so well together.

There is something about the combination of connecting with the self but also adding the delight of goats that is so uplifting.

Cost: $25 + Tax

Time: Sunday at 11:00 am.

Interactive Train Ride

Grotto Gardens Train

Co-Owner Dana Hassett drives the tractor that pulls the six-car train. The whole ride lasts just under 30 minutes and travels throughout the whole farm including the Saskatoon Berry Orchard.

Book online ahead of time to make sure that you have a spot!

Dana makes sure to stop at the animals along the route to feed them. Make sure to grab some extra feed from inside the shop beforehand.

Our first stop was the Billy Goats.

These goats are considerably larger than the smaller goats in the main farm area. We then stopped at the friendly donkeys. After driving through the Saskatoon Berry Orchard and though the main farm area, we stopped to feed the female alpacas that are waiting to give birth to their babies. After that the train looped back to the starting point and the ride was finished.

The mixture of the train ride and the animals was a highlight for our kids. Etta and Julia did not want the train to end.

Cost: 2 yrs. and under free. Kids are $5. Adults are $6 (at the time of writing this post masks are mandatory for the train)


Tuesday to Friday at 3:00 pm

Saturday to Sunday at 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm

Alpaca Walk

Grotto Garden Activities Alpaca Walk

I have a love for alpacas.

Their big eyes, hair do, and long necks automatically bring a big smile to my face.

When Dana mentioned that we could enjoy a family alpaca walk, I was in! My youngest daughter needed a break in the shade with dad and so I was able to enjoy connecting with my oldest Etta that is seven years old.

The experience started with a short introduction to alpacas. They are shyer than goats and require a little more understanding. The total walk, including the introduction, lasts 40-45 minutes.

I was surprised by the strength of the alpacas and understood why a parent had to hold onto the leash. Etta was happy to hold onto the leash alongside me. We had a choice of whether we wanted a silent therapeutic walk or more of a “safari” experience. I knew we would not have the silent walk and instead my daughter and I enjoyed leading the alpaca on the walk, learning about alpacas, and laughing at their cute faces as they ate grass.

Cost: 25$ + Tax per person. $37 for two people to one alpaca. Kids under 14 are free (must go with an adult. Only one child per adult)

Lil’ Farmers

Grotto Gardens

We had a little sneak peak of part of the new program that Grotto Gardens is offering called the Lil’ Farmers for kids age 3 to 6 years old.

The experience will give kids the opportunity to feed and care for the animals, do some gardening/farm chores, and have free play with the goats. There will be a few indoor arts and crafts featuring hands on experience with animal fibres!

Our girls loved the intimate connection they were able to have with the animals. While the kids are at this mini “camp”, parents can enjoy a drink at Grotto Gardens!

Cost: $28 + Tax per child

Times: 2:30-4:30 pm during June, July, August,

Store, Restaurant, and Bakery

Cypress Hills Saskatchewan Food

The Grotto Garden’s store carries unique gifts. This is also a great place to stop if you are wanting a keepsake of your time visiting Grotto Gardens and Cypress Hills in Saskatchewan. Some of my favourite items were the alpaca fur bird nests, alpaca stuffies, alpaca shawls, and alpaca covered soaps.

The restaurant is a also great place to have lunch as a family.

They carry many kids’ favourite foods such as chicken tenders, hot dogs, and fries. Their bakery features delicious items including a saskatoon berry cinnamon bun and a saskatoon berry tart.

Cost: Varies depending on item.

Things to Pack

Water – I recommend an insulated water bottle to keep it cool

Money – to feed goats and ride the .25 cent horse

All Good Natural Kids Sunscreen Lotion – Zinc Oxide – Coral Reef Safe – Water Resistant – UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum – SPF 30 (3 oz)” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener nofollow”>Sunscreen

Cost and Activity Summary

Goats on the Roof – Feeding the goats costs .25 cents for a handful of feed or go into the shop and pay $2.00 for a small package of feed.

Walk the Farm – By Donation

Goat Yoga – $25 + Tax. Sunday at 11:00 am.

Interactive Train Ride – 2 yrs. and under free. Kids are $5. Adults are $6. Train runs on Tuesday to Friday at 3:00 pm, Saturday to Sunday at 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm

Alpaca Walk – 25$ + Tax per person. $37 for two people to one alpaca. Kids under 14 are free (must go with an adult. Only one child per adult)

Store, Restaurant, and Bakery – Price Varies.

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