For the adventurous family, the Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bag is the baby product you may not know you need.

The baby and toddler sleeping bags for camping are a GAME CHANGER.

If you’re anything like me, you knew that you wanted to introduce your child to the great outdoors from a very early age and maybe you even thought about adding a structured carrier to your baby registry.

But, have you thought about what your newest family member will wear on your first camping trip? 

Neither did I! 

Thankfully I have a few good friends who pointed me towards Morrison Outdoors and now I’m here to share them with you!


Because their Baby and Kids Sleeping Bags are a must for all tiny adventurers.

Combine the baby and toddler sleeping bags with a camping bed and you are set!

Baby and Toddler Sleeping Bags for Camping: Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bag Review

Morrison Outdoors baby sleeping bag

If you want to avoid the full review and just want our recommendation, then here it is:

The Morrison Outdoors Sleeping bag is a must have piece of gear for any adventurous family.

The bags are incredibly safe and easy to use, comfortable for the little ones, and easy for parents to pack up at the end of the adventure. 

And perhaps best of all, they are machine washable for when adventures get messy.

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Use the discount code “BTBA” for 10% off

Purchase the Little Mo 20 here

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About Morrison Outdoors

Overview of Morrison Outdoors Products

Little Mo Sleeping Bags Overview

Big Mo Sleeping Bags Overview

When to use them?

Are they safe?

Do kids like them?

Which one should you buy?

Cleaning the Sleeping Bag

Discount Code for Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bag

About Morrison Outdoors

Morrison Outdoors

Morrison Outdoors’ story began in 2018 when Tavis, dad to Morrison, set out to fill a gap in the outdoor gear world that he and so many other parents have found when taking their young kids camping; a safe, warm, easy to pack, and comfortable sleeping bag. 

In early 2019, Morrison Outdoors launched their Kickstarter campaign and surpassed their goal!

A few months later, brick and mortar stores began to stock Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bags.

Today you’ll find Morrison Outdoors in over 60 REI locations across the United States.

Since their start in 2018 Morrison Outdoors has grown to offer 2 sizes (Little Mo and Big Mo) and 2 weights (20° and 40°) with each of these 4 variations coming in 2 colors.

Morrison Outdoors joined the Pledge 1% movement in December 2019 and has donated at least 1% of all-time sales to charitable organizations.

In 2022, Morrison Outdoors’ customers helped support Hike it Baby, Direct Relief, Operation Warm, and the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation.

Overview of Morrison Outdoors Products

Morrison Outdoors offers two sizing’s, the Little Mo and the Big Mo.

Each sizing has two variations, an 20 and 40, with each sleeping bag coming in 2 colors all described below.

Toddler Sleeping bag for camping

More about the Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bags for Camping and More!

Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bags are designed for babies ages 6-24 months.

There are two variations, the Little Mo 20 and the Little Mo 40.

When it’s time to pack up, Little Mo will fit into a stuff sack and become just slightly larger than your standard Nalgene water bottle.

The Little Mo 40° 

The Little Mo 40° Baby Sleeping Bag features a synthetic fill suitable for moderate temperatures between 40°F and 60°F and comes in Racing Red or Blazing Blue. 

This version of the Little Mo features open and close cuffs so your little one can have their hands free or tucked away into the warm bag.

The Little Mo 20° 

Morrison Outdoors

The Little Mo 20° Baby Sleeping Bag has a 650 fill-power RDS-Certified White Duck Down filling which makes it suitable for temperatures from 20°F to 60°F

For this model, the sleeves are closed for maximum heat retention.

You’ll find the Little Mo Baby 20° Sleeping Bag in Moss Green and Sky Blue.

More about the Big Mo Kids Toddler Sleeping bags for Camping and More!

The Big Mo Kids Sleeping bags are designed for kids ages 2-4 years and will give your child all the same comfort they loved in their Little Mo. It is a great toddler sleeping bag for camping.

When in their stuff sack, a Big Mo is slightly larger than a Little Mo, but is still amazingly compact.

There are two variations, the Big Mo 20 and the Big Mo 40.

Toddler Sleeping Bags for Camping

The Big Mo 40° 

The Big Mo 40° Kids Sleeping Bag has the same temperature rating as its little sibling, 40°F to 60°F and has adjustable open-and-close sleeves. 

Look for the Big Mo 40° in Blazing Blue and Ember Orange.

The Big Mo 20°

The Big Mo 20° Kids Sleeping Bag features the same lightweight but warm down filling as the Little Mo 20° giving it a temperature rating of 20°F to 60°F

This model also features the closed cuffs just like on the Little Mo. 

The Big Mo 20° comes in Plum Purple and Moss Green.

When to use them?

baby sleeping bag

By now you probably know that you want a Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bag for your next family camping trip.

But this sleeping bag isn’t only useful on camping trips! Pack it in your bag when you head to a big sibling’s track meet or football game.

And don’t forget to use it for warm snuggles around a backyard campfire! 

Please note : that the sleeping bag should not be used in car seats and won’t work well with any stroller that has a crotch strap. 

Are they safe?

Of course, every parent will worry about the safety of the products their children uses. 

Morrison Outdoors created the sleeping bags with safety in mind and they are designed to meet the AAP recommended guidelines for safe infant sleep. 

One of the most important safety features is the soft collar that helps to prevent babies from slipping inside the sleeping bag.

Morrison Outdoors’ Sleeping Bags also CANNNOT be kicked off in the middle of the night while in the tent.

This means there is not the same strangulation or suffocation risk that comes with loose blankets or a standard adult sleeping bag. 

No matter how much your baby wiggles, they will stay warm and safe.

You can find  other safety information and guidance on their website including on their Family Camping Blog.

Do kids like them?

Toddler sleeping bag for camping

My husband and I were nervous about how our baby would sleep our first night in the woods. 

Our son Charlie, who was 11 months at the time, had never been a strong sleeper so we had our doubts. 

When it came time for bed he happily went into his Morrison Outdoors Sleeping bag. 

We put him to bed in his portable crib, and believe it or not, he slept better that night than he had ever slept. 


In the morning, Charlie loved crawling around in his sleeping bag on top of ours.

While I cannot guarantee a perfect nights sleep because kids are unpredictable, Charlie was clearly comfortable in his sleeping bag.

Everyone, especially my husband and I, were thankful we had found such a quality product.

Helpful Tips

For any outdoor gear, expose your kids to the product before heading outside. 

Before our trip, we made sure to give Charlie short exposures to the sleeping bag while eating snacks and cuddling on the couch. 

We wanted to make sure he was familiar with his snug new gear before we left for our trip.

These baby sleep while camping or toddler sleep while camping tips may also be helpful!

But don’t just take it from me, take it from one of the many, many other parents that are  leaving 5 star reviews on the Morrison Outdoors website.

These sleeping bags really are the best!

Which one should you buy?

Morrison outdoors sleeping bag review

The first thing you should consider when buying a sleeping bag is your child’s age.

Morrison Outdoors stressed the importance of having the appropriate size for your child so that they don’t risk slipping inside of the bag. 

Once you’ve chosen a size, you’ll have to choose a temperature rating

For most families, the 40° model will probably be the best choice as it reduces the risk of overheating. 

If you know your family is likely to be out in much colder temps, the 20° model is the one for you! 

To learn more about each kids sleeping bag, go to the overview section.

Still not sure? 

See if your local REI carries Morrison Outdoors to see them in person or reach out to Morrison Outdoors for support.

Cleaning the Sleeping Bags

Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bags are machine washable (cue the angelic singing!) so don’t worry if your kiddo’s sticky s’mores are tracked into the tent and onto the sleeping bag.

Morrison SLeeping Bag

How to clean the sleeping bags

Morrison Outdoors recommends that you zip closed before laundering. 

Machine wash cold with like colors gentle cycle in a front-loading washer using a mild powdered detergent. 

Rinse at least twice and DO NOT use bleach or fabric softeners. 

Tumble dry low with 2 clean tennis balls. 

Remove and fluff after each cycle. DO NOT iron or dry clean.

Discount Code for Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bag

Use the discount code “BTBA” for 10% off

Purchase the Little Mo 20 here

Purchase the Little Mo 40 here 

Purchase the Big Mo 20 here

Purchase the Big Mo 40 here


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