I am starting off this post with a little bit of bad news.

Or, maybe I simply want to be real and address an issue that not everyone wants to talk about and admit out loud.

RVs, campervans, and even trailers are expensive and for a lot of people does not feel like a possible option.

Yes, there are ways to reduce the costs by buying used.

Unfortunately, they are still an investment and often a big investment.

Depending on your income, purchasing a camper can feel completely out of reach.

Or, maybe you have some money you could spend on a camper but would like that extra money for other things like to pay down a house, save up for a house, or help your kids with their education.

Is it possible to enjoy a tent free camping experience without spending a fortune?

There is an alternative.

You can step up your car camping experience from a tent to the comforts of an enclosed sleeping arrangement without completely breaking the bank with a Luno Life mattress.

Note: This post contains affiliate links and discount codes. If you choose to purchase through my site then I make a small percentage to help fund our families taco night!

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About Luno Life

Which one do I purchase? Luno Life mattress summary

How do I set it up?

Luno Life Review

What is the mattress lifetime warrantee

4 ways to optimize your camping experience

Important Safety Information

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About Luno Life

Luno Life was founded in California but the idea was developed after the founders decided to sleep in a mattress in the back of their car while going on a snowboarding trip.

They didn’t want to pay the expensive hotel and air bnb prices.

The only problem was that they were uncomfortable and sore after waking up.

They decided to create a mattress for vehicles that would make it easy to take any vehicle camping while ensuring that it was still comfortable.

Luno Life mattress has grown and adventurers can enjoy them in pretty much any vehicle.

They now design all sorts of practical items for car camping like window screens, privacy curtains, and storage for shoes!

Which one do I purchase? Luno Life mattress summary

Before purchasing a Luno Life mattress, you have to know which style of mattress you want.

Before I continue, I want to mention here that many of the styles allow you to blow up just one side!

Why would you just want to have one side blown up?

Well, lets say you are camping alone in your vehicle and want to maximize storage on the other side of the vehicle. Now you can do that without blowing up both sides!

The most popular Luno Air Mattress 2.0 is meant to go in the back of a SUV/CAR/VAN with the seats folded down. Note that there is a second version of this air mattress for Toyota Forerunners.

The Truck Bed Luno Air Mattress provides a comfortable option for sleeping in the bed of the truck and nicely fits around the wheels of a truck.

The Front Cab Luno Air Mattress goes over the front seats of a campervan.

This air mattress is great for families with a child that needs a spot to sleep or for extra adult that may need a bed.

We have this one for our campervan and it is used if it is too cold for us to have the kids sleeping in the pop top.

Cam will sleep on the mattress and the kids will sleep with me on the queen sized mattress.

And… as you can see in the next picture that it is a very spacious and just as long as our bed in the back The length is 1 inch shorter than a regular queen sized mattress.

Luno Air Mattress

After picking out the mattress that you would like, you need to know the make and model of your vehicle.

That way, you purchase the right fit for your vehicle.

Picking the model is simple and done before adding the product to your cart.

How do I set up the Luno air mattress?

Setting up the Luno Life mattress for camping is so simple.

There are two valves, one for inflating and one for deflating.

Simply take the mattress out of the bag, put it where you want, and then blow up the mattress using the included pump by attaching it to the inflate valve.

Most of the Luno Life mattresses come with base extenders.

The extenders are AWESOME because they provide the support under the mattress where there is empty space in the vehicle typically where the feet go while sitting in the seats.

These extenders also need to be blown up and may be accessed via a different valve.

Since there is a deflate valve, the air mattress can be put away very quickly and easily by simply attaching the pump to the deflate valve.

The pump may need to be charged beforehand but make sure it is unplugged when you use it!

I thought it didn’t work at first because I thought it needed to be plugged in.

Luno Life Review

Luno Life Front Cab Mattress

The Luno Air Mattresses are made to last.

They are strong enough for dogs to use! You also need to scroll down on the link to watch the video of the guy going over river rapids on their website.

Seriously, these mattresses are so strong they have a warrantee for purchase (mentioned in the next section) that backs up their durability.

They made sure to make the air mattress fit into all different types of vehicles.

You do not need to try to make it fit for your specific vehicle but rather have something that resembles custom for optimal comfort and fit.

The Luno Life air mattresses are really quick to set up leaving time for other adventures.

If you are thinking about sleeping in your vehicle, then I highly recommend investing in a Luno Life Mattress.

What you need to know

The luno air mattresses are an investment.

But, if you also purchase the warrantee (mentioned below) then you are set with the mattress for life which makes it actually a really great deal.

Our story

Before the Luno Life, we tried to purchase a car mattress we saw at an auto store because it was less expensive.

We went to set up the mattress and it was a complete flop.

It was not made well, hardly fit well on the seats and was uncomfortable.

We returned it immediately to the store and started looking more into the Luno Life Mattresses.

What is the Mattress Lifetime Warrantee?

For only $19.99 you can purchase lifetime warrantee for your mattress!

It is incredible the warrantee that is included. According to the website the warrantee even covers:

“If you run over it with your vehicle, your dog chews through it, or you accidentally drop your open pocket knife onto it.”

The lifetime warrantee has to be added to your cart at the time of purchase. The warrantee does not include if it was lost or stolen.

4 Ways to optimize your experience sleeping in your car

Enjoy privacy by covering the windows

Cover the windows with a blanket or purchase the window covers.

Your sleep will be a lot better if you are not woken by the sun or someone creepily peering into your winder.

Purchase the privacy curtain here.

Purchase the winder covers here.

Keep your camping gear in bins.

A bin with all your camping gear makes it easy to go camping for a night or two without having to always pack for each trip.

Bring along a fan for hot days.

Camping in a vehicle can be hot.

Consider purchasing a fan!

Cracking a window is an option as long as the bugs aren’t bad.

If they are then you will want some sort of bug screen.

Purchase the Luno Car Camping Fan.

Make it comfier by using actual sheets and pillows!

In my opinion, using actual bed sheets and pillows makes the camping experience comfier.

This isn’t possible if it is really cold.

You will probably want a nice warm sleeping bag to cuddle in for colder weather.

Have a set of sheets that you use just for camping and wash them as needed.

For warmth, the Rumpl blankets are warm, comfy and really cool looking.

Important Safety Information

  1. If you plan to sleep in your vehicle it is so important to have a battery powered carbon monoxide detector.

2. You may want a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher.

3. Make sure to also avoid sleeping in the vehicle in a garage or other enclosed space.

4. Do not leave the car running. If it is cold outside, bring warm wool blankets, or sleep in a warm sleeping bag.

Already know you want to buy the Luno Life for your family, or as a gift?

Use Code “BTBADV15” for $15 off a purchase of $100 of more!

Purchase the Luno Life Air Mattress 2.0 for SUVs, Cars, and back of Vans here

Purchase the Luno Life Air Mattress for Truck Beds here.

Purchase the Luno Life Air Mattress for Front Seats of Van here.

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