The Kids Burton After School Special snowboard is the perfect introduction to the exhilarating world of snowboarding for babies and toddlers. Specifically designed with the youngest adventurers in mind, this snowboard combines safety, comfort, and playfulness to create a unique and enjoyable experience for the tiniest riders. The After School Special allows little ones to start developing their balance and coordination on the snow from an early age.

Burton After School Special Review

Both our girls, now age 8 and 10, started on the After School Special snowboards when they were 1 and 3 years old! It feels like ages ago when they first started but the After School Special is still, to this day, the most popular snowboard for parents to buy for their little ones. Now, our girls are shredding blacks and enjoy the park! We have come a long way from those early days.

I will dive into the full specs of the snowboard during the following post. But, if you are looking for the best snowboard for your child that is between 1 and 5 years old, then I highly recommend the After School Special snowboard. The snowboard is built with a curve base to help prevent catching an edge and it also comes with bindings. It is the full package for toddlers and little kids that are starting to snowboard. Check out this post if you need some tips for teaching your kids to snowboard.

Buy the After School Special Snowboard here.

Not sure what size to buy? Check out our kid’s snowboard size chart!

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What’s so “Special” About the After School Special

Do I need bindings?

Compatible Snowboard Boots

Riglet vs After School Special

Things to know

Extra Accessories that Add Extra Fun

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What’s so “Special” About the Kids Burton After School Special

Burton After School Special Snowboard

Burton’s commitment to quality and innovation shines through in this miniature snowboard, ensuring that even the smallest members of the family can join in the winter fun with a board crafted just for them.

Probably the number one feature that is great for toddler snowboarders is that the board has an Easy Bevel aka a soft and convex base. This “rocker” base makes it harder for the board to catch an edge which reduces the number of faceplants.

The flat top also assists with the catch free riding experience by providing stability and balance that promotes edge control. If you see videos of little one year olds snowboarding down a small incline, you will notice how they rock a little back and forth. With regular boards, they would most likely have face planted but the Burton After School Special board prevents this from happening.

Lastly, the board is designed to be ridden either goofy or regular. Our kids capitalized on this by riding both ways before choosing their preferred direction!

Do I need bindings?

Burton After School Special Review

No you don’t! The After School Special snowboard comes with the Grom Disc bindings. They are beginning bindings with a single strap to go over the boots.

One special feature about this bindings if that the single strap allows you to use hard snow boots instead of regular snowboard boots. I don’t recommend using snow boots as the kids are older and learn to carve. But, regular snow boots are a great option for those little toddlers between 1 and 2 years old that are simply sliding on the snowboard while being pulled or going down a small incline.

If you want to upgrade, then you can try out the new Grom Step On bindings. We have never tried them for toddlers but another option if you have the funds. They do require compatible Step On Boots as well.

Compatible Snowboard Boots

Toddler Snowboard Boot

The smallest snowboard boot size is the Burton Mini Grom snowboard boot. They are so teeny and cute. They come in sizes 7 C all the way up to 13 C. For kids that are size 11C or bigger, then you have the option to purchase the Grom Boa boots. What does the C stand for? I really have no idea but I do know that the sizes correspond with USA toddler sizing. Swap out the C for a T and you will have the correct toddler sizes.

For some tiny snowboards, you may have to use thick wool socks and even stuff something at the end for their feet to fit into the boots.

Burton Riglet vs After School Special

The Riglet is a plastic snowboard and the After School Special is a real snowboard for toddlers. I wrote a full comparison in this older post “Snowboard Package Review”.

What is the Riglet used for?

Essentially, the Riglet is meant for being pulled on the snow, going straight down sledding hills, and practicing on a trampoline. They are a more affordable option if you are looking at pulling around your 1 year old’s. They are not allowed on some snowboarding mountains because they do not have an edge.

If you can buy both then enjoy! We still have fun as a family using the Riglet in our backyard, at sledding hills, and on the trampoline but it really is a fun toy and not as practical. If you have to choose one, I highly suggest investing in the After School Special. It will last for more years and your child can actually learn how to snowboard. Check out our snowboard size chart to learn about sizing and how long your kids may be able to ride a certain size snowboard.

Things to know about the Kids Burton After School Special

Burton After School Special

The After School Special is a beginner board. If your child is more experienced and you are in need of a new snowboard, then they can most likely upgrade to a more advanced snowboard.

The After School Special snowboard is an investment. Although the boards are expensive, the resale value is high and often be resold for $200.

Extra Accessories that Add Extra Fun

Their are a few accessories that are worth investing in.

The Riglet Reel

Riglet Reel

The Riglet Reel attaches to the front of the After School Special Snowboard and allows you to pull your toddler around. Without kids, the distance to the chairlift doesn’t seem like a big deal. With a toddler, this distance can feel like a full on full day mountain trek.

I used to enjoy pulling both our girls when they were toddlers down the snowy streets in front of our house. While snowboarding, we have enjoyed the ease of pulling our kids to the chairlift and even used it on occasion to speed up our 8 year old on some of the flats last year!

Snowboarding Harness

Kids Snowboarding Harness

Some parents swear by having toddlers wear a snowboarding harness while they are learning and some say to avoid it. If your child is 3 years and older, I would avoid using a harness. If your child is under 3 years old then I would consider sometimes having them use a harness.

Harnesses can prevent those heavy face plants and save your back from leaning over and trying to hold them up. Trust me, one day of doing this and you will be clicking purchase on a harness.

There are two main snowboarding harnesses. The MDX One (USA based company) and the Lil’ Gripper Snowboarding Harness (Canadian based company). Both work for skiers and snowboarders and have retractable cords which is nice.

Buy the Lil’ Ripper Gripper here.

Buy the MDXONE Harness here.

Buy the Kids Burton After School Special Snowboard

Buy the After School Special Snowboard here.

Not sure what size to buy? Check out our kid’s snowboard size chart!

I have been writing about snowboarding with kids for a few years now! Check out our other snowboarding resources.

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