Ever since I decided it was time to upgrade my bindings to the StepOn bindings, see my Burton Step On Review, my kids have been begging for a pair of their own. We finally caved and decided it was time for the kids to have a pair.

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If you want my opinion and skip the full review then here it is. a brief review of the Burton Step On bindings for kids.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if StepOn bindings would be good for kids. I was worried that they wouldn’t snap them in properly or that it would be more challenging that straps. Then, another friend that has a child with autism, said that they were the best thing for her child because it reduced the stress and difficulty of the straps.

I was convinced it was time for our girls age 8 and 10 to have a pair of Step On bindings. Our family loves them and it reduces the stress of the kids struggling to get them on or my having to help them while struggling to get the strap in the right spot.

If your kids are getting into snowboarding, I would recommend getting the StepOn Bindings.

Buy the Kid’s Step on Bindings here and the compatible boots here.

Buy the Toddler Step On Bindings here and the compatible grom boots here.

Burton StepOns for Kids and Toddlers Review: Childrens Snowboard Bindings

How Step On Bindings work

Step On bindings are exactly the way they sound. Basically you have a StepOn snowboard boot that has clips on either side of the toes and on the heel. The binding does not have any straps. There is a lever on the side of the bindings to pull up to unclip the boots from the bindings.

I also recommend always using the leash that comes with the bindings.

Teaching Kids to use the StepOn Bindings

I highly recommend practicing at home before going on the hill as it takes a little bit of practice to do it properly.

To get into the Step On binding from standing:

Put the heel in to the back of the binding and then step down. You may have to wiggle your foot to make sure the two toe clips click into the binding.

To get into the Step On binding from sitting: Grab the board and hold it while clipping in the heal first and then the toes.

How to get out of the Step On Bindings:

Locate the lever on the side of each binding and pull up. Then step out of the boot!

Childrens Snowboard Bindings: StepOn Models

The kids bindings come in two sizes. The Toddler aka Grom medium size and Kids’ Burton Step On

The Grom Step On snowboard binding for toddlers was made and designed in collaboration with employees of Burton that have kids. This model has a slightly lower back and has a release at the tow and heel to make it easier to use. It is compatible with the Grom Step On snowboarding boot sizes 11C-2K. This would be a great alternative to the standard bindings that come with the After School Special snowboard.

The Kids’ Burton Step On, tThe RE:Flex Snowboard binding for kids, features the same design as the adult model. It is compatible with the Step On kids snowboarding boot sizes 3 K to 7 K.

Pros of the Burton StepOn bindings for kids and toddlers

Ease of use

The main pro is the ease of use for kids and toddlers. Sure, we can talk about how they are responsive etc. but really, they are easy to use for kids.

I remember the moment I was finally convinced that our kids next pair of bindings should be the StepOn bindings.

We were snowboarding with some friends at Fernie Alpine Resort and their 9 year old son had a pair.  He easily clipped in and out of his snowboard at the top and bottom of the mountain. Then, when we had to hike or push ourselves to a line with powder, he did it so quickly.

It was a dream.

Now, my girls can ride a variety of terrain including many black runs BUT the one thing they still struggle with is doing up their bindings. At times it is infuriating. I try to get them to do buckle in themselves most of the time but they struggle, it takes them forever, and then this sometimes leads to unnecessary frustration.

Cons of the Burton StepOn bindings for kids and toddlers

They are expensive and you must have compatible boots. Both the bindings and compatible boots are more expensive than the regular non step on bindings. While there are slowly more adult models and brands making compatible Step On boots on the market, there are no other options for kids aside from Burton boots at the moment.

There won’t be any used versions of the StepOn bindings and boots coming out for a while. So, if you need to upgrade your childrens snowboard bindings, you will have to buy them new.

A tip for kids and toddler Step On Bindings

I will tell you a secret. My friend’s 8 year old son was a size 13 snowboard boot. She decided to get the size 3 and up binding alongside the size 3 boot. With a little extra padding, he has been shredding blacks and powder no problem and she saved a little money for a few years. This might not be a solution for everyone but I thought I would share as an option to consider.

Should you get Burton StepOn bindings for your kid?

Is it worth it to buy these toddler snowboard bindings if you only go a handful of times? Probably not unless you have the extra money to spend. If you plan on taking your 2-3 year old 20-40+ times a year then I would consider it for sure.

Is it worth it to buy the Step On bindings for older kids? It is worth it if you plan to go often or have the ability to afford them. Again, if you only go a handful of times, it might be worthwhile using regual kids snowboarding bindings.

Where to Buy Kids Step On Bindings?

Buy the Kid’s Step on Bindings here and the compatible boots here.

Buy the Toddler Step On Bindings here and the compatible grom boots here.

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