Cross-country skiing is a great outdoor activity for the whole family. It brings the family together outdoors to enjoy the snowy weather. My husband has been an avid cross-country skier since he was 3 and so it was only natural that our two little gals hit the trail at an even younger age. We mostly let the girls just explore with their skis on but since our 3 year old falls ALOT, my husband decided he was going to try to teach her how to get up! Here is the second post in the series Cross Country Ski Tips for Toddlers : Getting up! Make sure to check out the video at the end!!!




Cross Country Ski Tips for Toddlers : Getting Up!


  1. Lift skis

– Tell your toddler to left their skis high in the air over their head.


  1. Skis to the side on top of each other

– Tell your toddler to put their skis over to the side. Make sure that both skis are on top of each other.

Note: The first time we did this with our daughter my husband also told her to bend her knee closest to the snow and physically showed her how to bend her knee.


  1. Lift up with arms

– Tell your toddler to push themselves up with their arms. Make sure the skis stay on top of each other as much as possible.


  1. Walk hands towards skis

Walk hands towards skis while continuing to push themselves up.


Toddler Cross Country Skiing


Helpful hint 1: To start try tips 1 and 2. Then help your toddler get up by pulling them up with their arms.

Helpful hint 2: If your little one is not interested in learning this skill or unable to figure it out then stop teaching them and try again another day. The main focus of cross-country skiing at this age is having fun and exploring.

Helpful hint 3: Remember that it is important not to over-teach kids at this age. Kids learn the most through exploration and interfering too much with their learning is not helpful.


Cross-Country Ski Tips for Toddlers: Getting Up!



By Annika Mang
By Annika Mang
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2 thoughts on “Cross Country Ski Tips for Toddlers : Getting Up!”

  1. I love tip number 3! Your daughter is so lucky that you are able to gift this experience to her. I had a friend that grew up in Alaska, she was on skis almost from birth. She still talks about the wonderful adventures, and loves to cross country ski to this day.

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