If you have been following our platform since the beginning, then you will remember when our family ran the Green Up Challenge. For one month, we reduced our family waste to a single jar.

If I am completely honest, it has been a challenge to keep up with zero waste, especially now that I am working. Trying to make everything myself and drive to all the different bulk stores to avoid plastic takes up a ton of time that I don’t seem to have anymore.

I have kept up with a few things including using a cup for my period (don’t say gross, it is life-changing) and my low waste hair routine.

For a long time, I was using the No POO Rinse on my hair. The No Poo rinse is when you use apple cider vinegar and baking soda on your hair. It was ok until I went to see a dermatologist about the eczema that was flaring while I was pregnant. She told me that the acidity in the apple cider vinegar was actually not great for the PH balance of the skin. Instead of using a different product she told me to use nothing.


That meant no shampoo, no conditioner, and no soap. She said that if I really needed soap on the “stinky areas” that I could use it there on occasion. My husband scrunched his nose in disgust when he found out, but I willingly followed the protocol for a few years. My skin was doing great, but I missed using delicious smelling products. Even if only on occasion.

A couple of months ago, I finished an allergy patch test to see if I was allergic to certain chemicals and ingredients in common household products. It turned out I was allergic to an ingredient found in hair products.

When Rocky Mountain Soap Co. reached out for me to try their new Wild Kindness Shampoo and Conditioner, I was curious. Could I, even on occasion, add a little bit of a scent to my hair?

It felt like fate.

Luckily, to my surprise, the Wild Kindness collection did not contain the products I was allergic too, and they used all-natural ingredients. Every single ingredient is described on their website here and they make their products in Canmore, Alberta!

The collection also does not contain sulfates like most hair cair products. Sulfates dry the hair and are not good for the environment when washed down the drain.

I decided to try the Wild Kindness Collection and the products performed as promised. Now I had a problem. I was enjoying the soft healthy-looking hair the products were giving me but I did not want to completely get rid of my zero waste hair washing routine.

My Current Hair Care Routine

To keep up with my low waste and all-natural hair routine I am doing the following.

  1. I still go a week or two without using any shampoo or conditioner in my hair in order to use less waste and avoid using too many products on my skin.
  2. To put some life in my hair, I am using the Wild Kindness Volumize & Clarify Shampoo and the Hydrate and Smooth Conditioner every week or two.
  3. When I finish using all of the Wild Kindness Shampoo and Conditioner, I plan to refill the bottles at their refill stations at their store in Canmore.

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Disclaimer: Although this post was created in collaboration with Rocky Mountain Soap Company, all views and opinions are my own.

By Annika Mang

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