Whenever I think about buying  presents for the family I like to buy a gift that will be used and well loved. A year ago we bought a wooden kitchen for our two daughters and that kitchen is still played with every single day.  It is also still in excellent condition! Then since I really enjoy watching my children open presents I try to add in something that they can wear and something that they can read.  Finally a family gift is always a hit and I love that it is something that we can enjoy together.  This years holiday  gift guide for the outdoor family  ticks all the boxes with great outdoor gifts for the whole family! If your looking for other gifts then make sure to check out these gift guides listed below.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Family

Full Disclosure:   All views are 100% my own and the items were hand picked by me but this post does contain affiliate links and I have also been compensated  by some of the companies.


After School Special Snowboard from Burton

Invest in a snowboard this holiday season so that the whole family can go shredding together. Our top choice for preschoolers and toddlers is the Burton After School Special that comes with bindings.   If your looking for a play board to use in the backyard, grass or on a trampoline then  have a blast using the  Burton Riglet board. Buy the Burton After School Special for  $309.99 CAD    here. 

The Everyday Shirt and  Non Stop legging from Luv Mother

The 100% merino wool long sleeve Everyday Shirt and Non-Stop  Legging are perfect for any little outdoor explorer this winter and come in a bundle. The combo works  well as a base layer under a thicker pair of pants for colder weather or on their own for everyday adventures. Merino wool clothing from Luv Mother is not only comfortable and soft but also sustainably sourced! Feel the Luv in Luv Mother. Buy the  merino shirt and legging bundle for $90.00 CAD   here. 

Hopper and Wilson by Maria Van Leishout

Hopper and Wilson is one of our favourite books to read to 1 and 2 year olds that can sit for slightly longer stories. The story follows two friends, Hopper and Wilson, as they set out on an adventure to find the end of the world. A storm strikes and the two friends lose each other and set out to find one another. After being reunited, Hopper and Wilson find the end of the world and it is everything that they had hoped. Buy Hopper and Wilson for $7.99 CAD here.

Heartwood Hotel by Kallie George

The Heartwood Hotel Book 1: A True Home is a heartwarming chapter book series that is well loved by our 4 year old.  The first book follows an adventurous Mouse named Mona that is struggling to find a true home. She finds her home at the animal Heartwood Hotel and finds herself on an adventure to save the hotel from wolves!  Buy the Heartwood Hotel Book 1: A True Home  for $11.99 CAD here.

The Great Adventure Kit  from seedling

The Great Adventure Kit By Seedling is a start up kit for kids to start adventuring. The kit comes with a real  compass with mirror, whistle keychain with temperature gauge, journal, coloured pencils and a canvas messenger bag to store all the items.  Enjoy  learning how to navigate with the compass, collect items along the way and report your findings for a full on nature activity! Buy The Great Adventure Kit By Seedling by Seedling  for $87.99 CAD here.

Jada Leggings and 100% Organic  Underwear  from Lucky and Me Clothing

The ideal stocking stuffer this year is the  100% organic cotton underwear from Lucky and Me Clothing. Lucky and Me Clothing specializes in   creating comfortable underwear for kids.  Buy the   Lily  100% Organic  Underwear for  girls for $18 USD  here  or the  Grayson Boxer Briefs   for for boys for $21.00 USD here.  The Jada leggings are  a practical yet stylish addition to your little ones wardrobe.  The lace detailing at the bottom  allows you to dress the leggings up for special occasions but the comfortable fabric makes them perfect for everyday wear.  Buy the 3-pack Jada Leggings for  $36.00 USD    here. 

64 ounce  Growler and  16 ounce True Pint Glass from Hydroflask

Do you have a beer lover in the family?  The 64 ounce growler  paired with the 16 ounce true pint glass from Hydroflask are the perfect gifts for the outdoor parent that loves to have a beer while camping. The Growler’s  Fresh Carry System keeps the beer carbonated and the Tempshield Insulation keeps the beer inside the Growler and True Pint Glasses cold for up to 24 hours. Imagine relaxing by the fire with a cold local craft brew after the children have gone to bed.   Sounds perfect.  Buy the Growler for $75.95 CAD and the 16 ounce True Pint Glasses for  $29.95 CAD on the Hydroflask website here.

Cozy Ecoths Conroy Sweater from Ecoths

The comfortable Ecoths  Conroy Sweater is   perfect for lounging in over the holidays.  It is made from from  100% organic cotton. Ecoths also donates  a minimum of 3 meals to  regional food banks across the USA for every piece of clothing purchased.  That means that when you buy the sweater you are also buying 3 meals for  someone  over the holidays! Buy the Ecoths Conroy sweater for  $72.00 USD here.

Alpine Necklace and Studs from lace brick design

I love the mountains and the one hour drive to explore the peaks is not always possible. So… I wear the Alpine Studs  and Alpine necklace    from local Alberta company Lace Brick Design so that I  can be close to them everyday!    The Alpine combo also makes the PERFECT friendship  gift for your bestie adventure partner! Buy the Alpine necklace  for  $35.00 CAD and Alpine Studs for $25.00 CAD on the Lace Brick Design website here. 

Newberry Top by Aventura

The Newberry Top by Aventura is the long awaited flanel top that pairs incredibly well with leggings.  Made of 100% organic cotton, the  top  is perfect for apres ski outings or lounging by a fire during the holidays.  I love flanel and this piece with the feminine detailing at the back will be a go to for me this winter.    Buy the Newberry Top by Aventura  for  $82.00 USD   here. 

Yaktrax XTR

The newest edition to the original ice traction footwear Yaktrax is Yaktrax XTR model. The Yaktrax XTR offers more traction than before  with the 4 heel  and 6 forefoot spikes. The flexible  but strong toe and heel plate prevent snow from building up.  The welded chains help to prevent rusting and breakage for a more durable pair of traction on the ice.  The XTR is great for those icy winter adventures! Buy Yaktrax XTR for $60.00 CAD   here.

Josephine Hat from Sunday Afternoons

The Josephine Hat from Sunday Afternoons caught my eye with the sleek simple design and 100% Australian Wool Felt.    Not only is it functional for the colder winter months it also is incredibly stylish. The best part? Sunday Afternoons hats are high quality headwear AND have numerous non-profits that they support like SheJumps and  International Dark Sky.  Buy  The Josephine hat for   $85.00 CAD   here.

Leaf Leather Purse/Shoulder Bag by Tree Tribe

The Leaf Leather Purse from Tree Tribe is one of the most unique and cool gifts that I have come across this year. Each bag is handcrafted and made with  Teak Leaves from Thailand with a cotton interior. Every piece made using the leaf leather portrays a different nature story depending on the leaves that were collected.   Tree Tribe  also plants 10 trees for every item that is purchased! Buy the Leaf Leather Purse on sale for $60.00 USD   here.

Freestyle Dome Ladder/Cornhole Game from Outside Inside Gifts

The Freestyle Dome Ladder/Cornhole game from Outside Inside gifts  is the ultimate family   gift for backyard and camping fun! Like all of Outside Inside Gifts  it compacts   small and is lightweight making it easy to bring along on adventures.   Buy the  Freestyle Dome Ladder/Cornhole game  for $62.00   here.


Chatbooks is the perfect way to print those  family memories in  compact stylish book.  Options  in the program all you to connect your Instagram  or facebook account to make it easier for selecting the photos that you love. Subscribe to receive your Instagram collection after every 60  posts for $10   OR create individual books for Grandma and Grandpa starting from $12. Either way Chatbooks is the new and improved version of   the photo book. Start your creative Chatbooks photo project here. 

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